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Eco Friendly

We don’t have to compromise on luxury and comfort to be environmentally sensitive. We have implemented an “Eco sensitive Philosophy” which is unique.

Natural Cooling & Heating

Our house is insulated to keep the heat out and keep the cool in. Ceiling fans help circulate the sea breezes entering the many sliding doors. In cooler times, we have the wood burning fireplace fuelled by wood from sustainable forests.

House Linen

No hired linen is used to help the environment eliminating many chemicals. Our linen is made from Cotton & Feather materials.

Cleaning Products

We use natural cleaning products.

Feng Shui

The house has had a Feng Shui check for your peace and comfort.

Natural Living

Electro Magnetic Radiation Busters have also been installed for your comfort and there is no WIFI available.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”